A Lady Can Change Her Mind

Have you ever been in the middle of a project and decided to make a change and go in a different direction?  Well, I have on this armoire.  As I was painting the remainder of this piece I kept liking the original colors and not so much the black glaze that was put on the drawers.


You can see the glazed drawers as compared to the rest of the piece.  As I was painting another alternative came to me.  Why not let the beauty of this two-toned colored armoire shine through?  I let it sit a couple of days and looked at it every time I walked into the room.  The answer would be to use Weathered Wood Glaze Couture!


The entire armoire is painted with Abundance Paint Couture!  The drawers have the layers of tinted Embossing Medium and a color wash of Dream and Angelic Paint Couture! then painted with a coat of Lacquer Couture! and glazed with Black Chiffon Glaze!  Oh my, what was I thinking, that was a lot of steps!  It will be simplified with beautiful results and will be lighter in color when she is finished.  


The next step in the new look is to trowel on some tinted Embossing Medium.  It is a plaster specially designed to add texture to furniture.  Embossing Medium is white out of the jar, I tinted it using the Abundance paint at a ratio of 16oz. Embossing Medium to 3 Tablespoons Abundance.  I use a Behr Trowel to apply it, followed by a Sea Sponge.


Applying Embossing Medium



How the first layer of Embossing Medium looks.  Now apply more to create depth and make it pretty with a Sea Sponge.


Sea Sponge loaded with Embossing Medium


Apply the tinted Embossing Medium with a pouncing motion.  Move it around and soften the plaster.  You do not want high peaks, just layers of soft texture.


On the left is the first coat of Embossing Medium applied with a trowel, you can see it is spotty looking.  On the right is the second coat of Embossing Medium applied with the Sea Sponge, much better!


On the trim I dragged the Sea Sponge to create a subtle white washed look.  At this point the Sea Sponge had very little material on it, so I pounced and dragged it across the surface.  I loved how this turned out!


In a few places I decided to just have paint only, no texture.  Here I am applying Abundance Paint Couture! using the Zibra Square Brush, which is just perfect for this recessed area.


Just a little bit more texture on top, then I let it dry before glazing.  I am happy I shortened the process and really like the look, too!

Next, clean and give the hardware a light coat of paint.


Hardware before painting

More to come…

Thanks for following along.  Happy Painting! – Micki

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